Monday, 28 May 2012

Outfits Only

I already write my beauty blog, baby blog, wedding blog and cooking blog - thought the last 2 have dropped off recently. You would think that would be enough but it's not about more content so much as separate audiences and I do love to categorise my posts. So, with that in mind I have created outfits only as a kind of archive for all of my ootd posts after they appear on my main blog. If you're not in to my jibber jabber over there you may prefer this layout and it will serve as a closet reference for me in the future.

My style is simple and affordable and I like to think it's what the average woman wears as opposed to a lot of fashion blogs. For those new to me I hope you enjoy it...


  1. Thanks khila I like your ootd pics gives me inspiration as I'm rubbish with fashion lol x

    1. I'm hardly inspirational but I'm not your average fashion blogger either so I hope my ideas are more wearable for the everyday woman x